World of Dinosaurs App Reviews

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Great Dinosaur app that’s got updates

Great pictures and features are a highlight but the best part is an up to date news link. This is wonderful for fossil enthusiasts of all ages. I hope more dinosaur art will be added soon.

Very nice, but two things need fixing...

While WOD is both impressive and entertaining, I did find two glitches that need some attention. First is that the information page for Troodon is in Spanish. Now, if I were fluent in Spanish this really wouldn't be much of an issue. Sadly, I'm no good at reading or speaking Spanish, so this is a bit of a bummer for me. The second thing is the image for Iguanodon doesn't display, even though its information page does. Instead of the intended image showing up, I get the far left portion of the previous dinosaur's image (regardless of which direction I approach from). Kind of odd, I must say. But even with these two issues I still think the app is very well done. Could use a few more dinosaurs, though... and pterosaurs, too... some more marine reptiles would really nice, as well, and maybe you folks could toss in some crocodyliformes just to be sure, OK? Thanks a bunch, and keep up the good work! ;-) OK, as of August 22, 2018, I just updated to the latest version and now it won’t let me do anything but change the icon. Not sure what is going on, but I even restarted my iPhone and it made no difference. Any advice on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!! August 23, 2018 update: Great job getting the bug in version 6.4 fixed!! A very fast turnaround that really earns a lot of praise for your efforts; well done!

Stuck on Alternate Icons screen

I’ve installed and re-installed the app, and I have the same problem both times: when I launch it, I see the Alternate Icons screen. The navigation arrow that’s supposed to take me out of this screen doesn’t work. So, I can’t use the app at all.

DO NOT update to version 6.4

Received message too late regarding version update 6.4

Will not open

I downloaded the app and was presented with a dinosaurs to select and no matter what I press I receive a pop “You Have Changed the Icon for ‘WOD’”, which I did not - all I did was download. Help! Running 11.4.1 on 7 Plus

Horrible app not reference

Worst app I have ever purchased. Not worth anything unless you are under 5 years of age. I really expected more from this app. It should not be under reference. I was looking for an app that could provide easy alphabetical access and this was not it. Preview images are misleading. Edited to respond to dev: I am accessing this app on the iPhone X. After dedicating more time than this app is worth to see if the 🔍 would appear on any part of the app, I finally managed to access it under very strict and specific circumstances. You must go to the pull up menu and click back on “dinosaurs” this will bring up the panoramic image and the 🔍 will appear- if you move your phone or touch anywhere else the 🔍 icon will disappear (doesn’t matter if you are using the accelerometer view or scroll view). It does not appear under any other circumstances or on any other page or even in the pop up menu (where it belongs). I have sent screen shots of this issue directly to the devs and I hope they will fix this. Until this is fixed the app is not worth it and my one star review will stand. The 🔍 icon should not be an Easter egg that the user has to find. I paid for this app and I want to be able to use it as an educational resource. I want it to work. I would be more than happy to amend the rating and review if and when it becomes what it claims to be.


I have bought multiple book dinosaur encyclopedias and none of them have as meany Dino’s and with dioramas!? Dinosaur lovers, it’s sad if you don’t have this!

Dinosaur App - Not all inclusive

I bought this app expecting it to be full of information about dinosaurs. There are major well known dinosaurs missing from this app including, Nanotyrannus & Utahraptor (and many others). Unless an update comes soon, I would not consider this app a “encyclopedia.”

Has so much potential

Should have a donate option. This can easily have potential to be a great go-to for referencing Dino’s and other prehistoric creatures

Very little in vr

Wish there were more dinosaurs in the virtual one add more velociraptor

enough dinosaurs

plenty of dinosaurs

Is 4.9 an option??

This app is great. Bought it for my 2 year old son who has this awesome fascination with dinosaurs. Bought it only for the AR portion but the rest of the app seems fantastic and as my son grows, he will continue to enjoy the rest of what this app has to offer. Giving the app a 4 out of 5 because when using the AR everything but the dinosaur seems blurry. So taking a photo of my son next to a T-Rex is great but wish he was clear in the image. Truthfully maybe I am doing something wrong when taking the photo on my iPhone X, but I’m not sure. Giving a 4 out of five because 4.9 out of 5 is not an option.

Best !!!

One the best reference apps I ever seen !!! Amazing content and beautiful illustrations. Thanks for AR, it is amazing !!!!

AR is amazing

Great update!

Add Marine Reptiles

This is a beautiful app, and one of the only that shows 100% accurate dinosaurs and pterosaurs. I would love to see marine reptiles like Icthyosaurus and Tylosaurus represented. I know you would do a good job. 🦖🦕


Incredibly educational and the artwork is amazing. Just wish there were more dinosaurs and other types of life during the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous.

Beautiful artwork but...

The "information" sections of each dinosaur only shows one line of text with ellipses trailing off. I don't see a way to see the rest. I didn't drop a star because this is more of a bug than a conceptual issue I have with the app. Otherwise beautifully rendered and adding sound to the artwork really makes this an immersive app.

Great, but missing some common dinos

Add these dinosaurs: - Ankylosaurus - Utahraptor - Therizinosaurus - Yutyrranus - Tarbosaurus - Pachycephalosaurus

From a Dino lover

I am the dinosaur expert in my class, and I would like nothing more than to learn even more about these animals. This is helping me!


Add ankylosaurus Otherwise great

The best dinosaur fact game I ever played

Dinosaurs are maybe the best thing I ever heard of when I first heard of them oh boy did I get interested in them they became my favorite thing I have been studying and studying and wanting to learn SO MUCH about these magnificent creatures that lived from 251-65 million years ago and finally a game that just understands what dinosaurs really are! This game is a 5 if such thing A 10 star game!


Perfect app

Fantastic update !!!

The best dinosaur app got the best update. Love the new UI and contents. Please keep your good works. 👍🏻🦕🦖


It's not even interactive , just plain annoying

What little is free is fun but most is $$$

Advertised as free today but what’s free is not worth the 1/4 gig of space/download it eats. Pretty images and nice info but not worth it unless you want to pay $3.


Utterly amazing. Beautiful. I have no words...Just suggestions. My only suggestions are to have other life from the Mesozoic era (such as plesiosaurs, other archosaurs, mammals, etc...) and also to have more dinosaurs and pterosaurs. Otherwise, amazing!


Such a great application to motivate human being to know more about dinosaurs👌🏻👌🏻

So cool!

Beautiful graphics and smooth interaction. It’s really great.

Great graphics and great game!

This is a great game but can you please add more dinosaurs and pterosaurs?

IAP Bought

World of Dinosaurs Wallpaper

Best Dinosaur App

The best

You have to buy almost everything

It's ok but you have to buy everything that is good

Still the best !!

Thanks for make this app better ! The new features are so great and please keep add dinosaurs


It is best app for watching dinosaurs.


Very good and easy to use


It's interesting, congrats

Best application

This app make me proud

Best Of The Best

If You Want Write any Articles About Dinosaurs Or Past Of Creatures Just Download it NOW😳❤️

Rip off

So not worth the download, its not even a 10th of the information on dinosaurs you find ANYWHERE ELSE


Downloaded the app! Then before you can view anything, you have to pay! Rip off!

I'm gonna start a cult for this app.

Every time it updates. I cry out of joy and thank every god just in case one is listening then sacrifice 5 goats in honor of this app.

Love the dinos!

It keeps on getting better!


Awesome!!! The Best information out there with amazing fossil photos,and illustrations with added Dino jungle sounds for ambiance ...excellent touch!!


Very cool app 👌🏻👍🏻😍



Cool and educational

Thanks the contents are great and informations are just fine . I have learned so much about dinosaurs.


Love all of interactive information

Costs so much money!!!

I think it's a waste of time going to the store and getting $100!! It is just not worth it!!

My favorite

Please add more Dino's and more information. The illustrations are beautifully done. I really like the option to hear the names pronounced. The app is easy to use. This is the best dinosaur app I've seen. Top notch! Adding to my original review - the developers continue to make a great Dino app better and better! This is by far the best source of dinosaur information available. The dinosaurs are awesome! Keep up the good work and thank you!!!

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